Installation Types

  1. Under-mount sink
    This type of installation is used when installing bathroom sinks. Under-mount sink is directly mounted into the countertop. And in some cases the device is installed flush with the countertop. You can choose any type of countertop, from the wooden ones to the artificial stone, for this type of installation. The sink is mounted in the countertop with silicone or a special sealant. In this case the hole is a little smaller than the bowl and it looks like the countertop is hanging over the sink, protecting the joints from water splashes, so it is very important to treat the joints between the sink and countertop with water-resistant agents. The main advantage of such sink is a high quality and hygiene.
  2. Integrated sink
    Although Integrated sinks are expensive, they are very high quality and stylish. The process of integrating the sink in the countertop is based on a very precise incut. In this case, the edge of a sink is flush with the countertop, which makes a single solid surface of the sink and the countertop. Integrated sink looks clean and beautiful, and more importantly it is very easy to clean it. The main drawback of these sinks is a complex process of installation and thorough compliance with all technical requirements, and you cannot do without the help of an expert here.
  3. Wall mount sink
    Wall mount sink are becoming more and more popular nowadays. The main advantage of these sinks is storage space and easy access to the pipes if necessary. Such sinks are mounted to the wall with brackets, supports, screws, bolts, or special installation systems. You can put a small cabinet or shelves to store household chemicals and other houseware directly under the sink. Moreover, wall mount sinks can be installed at a suitable height for you.
  4. Pedestal sinks
    Another type of mount resembles wall mount sinks having a slight difference - the sink, which is mounted to the wall, is standing on a pedestal. These sinks look great in big and renovated bathrooms. The pedestal hides all connections to the sewage system. You can install these sinks in two ways: place a sink, which is directly mounted to the wall, on a pedestal or fix the pedestal on the floor and then attach a sink to it. In this case you should hire a plumber, who has all the necessary tools, follows some rules, and understands the connection to the water supply and sewage system.
  5. Vessel sinks
    According to the type of installation the bathroom sinks are divided into top-mounted, bottom-mounted or semi mounted. Vessel sinks have become very popular recently. Vessels sinks are also known like above-counter sinks. Some sinks models are originally equipped with taps, or simply made with a faucet hole so that the buyer can pick up any accessories he or she wants. Vessel sinks are ergonomic and stylish, they are perfect for a small bathroom without much excess space. Double and triple vessel sinks are ideal for large bathrooms, especially for the large families. They will create a functional and comfortable bathroom for the whole family.