Bathroom sinks types

Looking for bathroom sink may seem difficult at first, but once you get to know all the styles, types, materials, and features available on the market it will be a piece of cake. You will know exactly what to look for, our role is to help you find exactly what you need.

When it comes to materials we can choose from ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain, stone and wood. Porcelain is a traditional, but not the same as decades ago, now it is available in different colors, shapes and style to fulfill your needs. Glass – the current trend, elegant and classy, looks good in every bathroom, adds style and provides bathroom with distinctive charm. Stone, natural beauty, full of colors and shapes, durable and almost indestructible. Wood fills the surrounding with warmth and relaxes. Metal, shiny detail, offers glamour look, fits every décor.
Selection of installation is wide, there are six distinctive styles to choose from, basics you should know to pick the right one for you:
  • Self-rimming sinks – mounted with the rim of the sink resting above the counter.
  • Under mount sinks – countertop's edge is exposed at the hole created for the sink
  • Pedestal sinks
– freestanding, supported by pedestal that is underneath.
  • Vanity Top sinks – are a one-piece mounted to the top of a bathroom cabinet
  • Vessel sinks - sit independently on the top of the counters or furniture.
  • Wall mount sinks – mounter directly to the wall. Allows additional space under the basin.

  •  Choosing a color of your new sink depends on the décor of your bathroom, you have to decide whether you wish the sink to stand out and be the focal point of the bathroom, or you wish the sink to blend in. The shapes that you can choose from include round, oval, rectangle and asymmetrical design. If you are a lucky owner of a large master bathroom you may want to think about installing multiple sinks to make the life easier for both people especially in the morning. If you are dealing with a small or guest bathroom you may consider pedestal or wall-hung sink which will conserve floor space.

     Once you've decided on material, style, type and color you are welcome to start your search based on your own preferences. It may take same time but surely you will love the stunning effect of your new bathroom.