Bathroom sink materials

Everyone dreams of a comfortable bathroom, where everything is done neatly, but at the same time a distinctive charm is revealed. At the moment, there are many bathroom sinks manufacturers who are trying to find new and unique solutions to satisfy every customer. Among most popular sink materials qualify: ceramic, vitreous china, bamboo, stone, tempered glass, marble, copper, wood and many more.

The most common material used for bathroom sinks is ceramic, because it not only conserves tradition but also is resistant to mechanical shocks, and extreme temperatures. There are two main types of ceramic used – Faince is the basis for the production of fireclay, Porcelain is the basis for the production of vitreous china. The main differences between these two is firing technology and ratio of components. Ceramic is created from mixing white clay with kaolin and quartz elements. Porcelain in comparison to faience is less impervious and absorbs water. Ceramic sinks are covered with special dirt resistant and antibacterial coatings that also facilitates care.

 Nowadays, a current trend are glass sinks, it is not a surprise, since they are not only aesthetically appealing, but also practical. Tempered glass sinks are very durable, resistant to heavy loads, impervious to water
and at the same time functional. When choosing a glass sink it is important to pay attention to its thickness, at least 15 mm thick. The moulding of the glass takes place in special oven at the temperature of 850 degrees. Afterwords sinks are covered with a special paint that prevents them from fading over time, moreover additional modern methods of polishing completely eliminates the chance of cuts or scratches.

 Also interesting is the fact, that sinks made of stone are growing extremely popular. They are simply chips of granite, marble or quartz pressure-treated at high temperatures. Stone sinks are resistant to high temperatures cuts and scuffs, and are very easy to clean. Additionally stone sinks provide a wide array of shades and shapes.

 The wooden sinks that provide us with the essence of quietness are at the same time stylish and functional. They consist of different types, kiln dried, natural wood which is sealed with several coats of varnish with a mixture of oils that is perfectly resistant to water and dirt. This content provides long durability, ecological compatibility and appealing beauty of natural wood, providing your bathroom interior with a feeling of wilderness and elegance that complements every décor.