Bathroom Sink - Brands

Poor Little Fish Sink
Poor Little Fish
“Poor Little Fish basin offers an emotional way to persuade consumers to think about saving water, by making consumption tangible” - Yan Lu
Cow theme enters design world
Cow Muccato batrhoom sink
Everyone ready for a change in their bathroom should consider new collection by Meneghello Paolelli Associati on quattro zampe (four legs).
VitrA family bathroom sinks
Family Basin by VitrA connects fashion, function and smart design serving therefore the whole family.
American Standard products motto: Syle That Works Better, comprehends high quality, reliability, durability and stylish design.
Swanstone, well-known American company which boasts of ecological sanitary ware.
Kohler a worldwide sink manufacturer who's able to combine tradition with innovation.
Kraus is world's number one manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom sinks.
Eden Bath a leading distributor and manufacturer of unique bathroom fixtures in high-end design trends.
Kingston Brass offers a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom items, and matching accessories to help complete indoor decors in every way.

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