Wire freestanding washbasin in a bathroom

Wire sink in the bathroom - why not?
wire hidra
Hidra is a company which manufactures its own products. It is among leading brands producing sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures trying to reach for the client with its design and quality of product. It is a solid producer of ceramics, which has been on the market since 1989. Hidra has implemented some freshness thanks to its projects and ideas. What is most important - unusual ceramic shapes are on good terms with functionality. Hidra products are available in the vast spectrum of design, thanks to that
everyone is able to find a product for his or her own expectations.Freestanding washbasin - wire - by Hidra is not a two-piece washbasin. It is a combination of two elements - basin, which can be used alone, and a column made up of 18 steel rods which can be combined with the basin. The wire is available with wall of floor drain and comes in white, black and silver color variations to suit customer’s needs. All of it will provide a buyer with exceptional and unique overall look of the bathroom

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