Unique stone bathroom sinks and faucets

Nowadays everything impossible becomes possible. Now you can find the most unique accessorizes for decoration of you flat. 
For lovers of ecological decisions for bathrooms, producers of washbasins and faucets offer original models of natural stone.A well-known Israeli designer Omer Sagiv has made a unique stone bathroom sink and faucet which combine innovation and elegance. This designer is well-known for his unrivaled designs and creations all over the world; his ultra modern bicycles and electric cars deserve special attention. Now it is time for unique bathroom sinks and
faucets. An innovative water and light interaction system was used while designing these models, created by the leading specialists of Touch360 and Smith Newman. Movement of the ball on a pulsing surface controls the flow and temperature of water and the color and the faucet's surface indicates the actual temperature. Unfortunately such bathroom sinks and faucets are only hand made and customized, that is why you will not be able to see them in shops. 

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