Time for novelty - time for lava stone

When it seem to you that all that could have been created, have been created, than the lava stone sink comes to light.
The idea of the project was born project of the sink is based on hexagonal elements put together as in Giant’s Causeway which is an area in Norther Ireland created as a result of eruption of ancient volcano of 40 000 interlocking basalt columns. These elements, obviously in smaller size, generate plays of full and empty spaces that interchange with the water, such as the element that moulds and modifies anything it comes across. The
designed sink aims at resuming the relationship between the raw material, such as the stone, and the light, transparent, moulding and cleansing water (source www.purpatiera.it). By creating such sink the designers proved that everything that has ever been created by nature, even lava stone, can be used as a raw material to form something unique and beautiful.

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