The sweetest bathroom

210,000 calories bathroom basin
If you are sweets lover and cannot live without chocolate, we have great news for you. The impossible become possible and the first bathroom pedestal made fully out of chocolate has been created. Even more - the whole bathroom suite has been created. The edible suit is made up of basin, bath, toilet and bidet, and material used to created was - considered the best in the world - belgian chocolate!The originator of this unique idea is company, as Ian MonkCEO at says “And one thing that really got us giggling at, was when we realised that over a million British people searching for new bathrooms were popping ‘bathroom sweets’,
rather than ‘bathroom suites’ into their preferred search engines. That simple mistake caught our imagination, what if we created a bathrooms suite, out of something sweet”. - That’s what they did - each part of the sweet suit can be bought separately, and has over 9,4 million calories! Of course keep in mind that this edible suite cannot be used as it will melt once it comes in contact with hot liquids or direct sunlight.As Monk finishes “We're very excited to be pushing the limit in the bathrooms industry and look forward to making history as and when an order is made” - with such great idea and sense of humor we are definitely another big fun of them :)

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