Sink for kids

Mons Lavabo - kid-sized sink to help little ones acquire hand washing habits.
Teng Chuan Tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe from Spain designed Mons Lavabo, a sink especially for kids which aims to help them with their hand washing habits. It was made after analyzing the washbasins kids attend frequently, its main idea is to promote hygienic behaviour, but as well to cover few certain points listed below. Firstly, to save water, faucet is automatically regulated, therefore not too much water is used. Also there is a built-in soap dispenser which ensures using the right amount of soap. Next, the size of the washbasin is adequate for height of younger children, and the material from which it is made, Duralmond made from mixture of synthetic
and natural resins, allows softer contact when compared to regular washbasins. Thanks to the closed form of Mons Lavabo splashes are reduced to minimum. In addition, a child is exposed to a likeable, fun to use form. It can be place anywhere, from school toilets to private homes. Last but not least, Mons Lavabo come in different colours and accessories, larger version may be used by two children at once.There are also special Mons with a flowerpot on their heads.Definitely children will fall in love with them thanks to innovative and colorful design! Which kid wouldn’t like to put his or her small hands in the mouth of this smiling, one-tooth monster?

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