Orbit Sink

    While decorating homes nowadays people look not only at the practicality of a certian thing but as well at the uniqueness and style. That is why the Obit Sink got on the “wanted” list of many buyers.
Following high end designs, industrial designer, Alessandro Isola created a sink inspired by a cylinder. Designer used Corian to create 3 swiveling circles underneath the sink. The sink is also equipped with a chrome ring. The overall impression which Orbit Sink gives is sleek and elegant. Orbit Sink is best described by its designer, Alessandro Isola,:“An opposing disorderly aesthetic is soon created as you swivel each circular compartment around a metal pivot point. This
invisible metal spine also cleverly conceals the sinks drainage, enabling positioning away from a wall. Beneath the top sink circle sits a contrasting chrome ring that functions as a towel rail and soap tray surface. The 3 swiveling circles beneath, each serve as storage compartments. The option to display pure cylindrical uniformity, or stacking circles that swivel beyond a natural balancing point, makes the Orbit Sink an interestingly irregular bathroom focal point.

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