No Siphon no problem

Time for horizontal Integrated Siphon
Were you always disgusted by the siphon showing and ruining your bathroom decor? Now, thanks to Luca Maccagan the “problem” is over, as he designed the horizontal integrated siphon(HIS) in sink. As the siphon is applied on the bottom it make the design more aesthetical, moreover it is done in such a way that it is practically invisible. Even thouh the sink is very shallow the water does not splash because of the material out of which it is made and an imperceptible
convexity. What also is amazing is that the sink does not have drain hole, instead of it water flows through slot which are in the front edge of the sink. As it may seem to be a little odd in reality water drains faster through them and the efficiency is higher than in conventional siphons. Therefore if you are seeking absolute minimalist style, don’t wait - experience the simplicity and refined style of these new sinks    

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