Lago and its “Interior Life” philosophy

Fall in love with Lago and their products
Today we will present you with a cutting-edge, Italian company. It’s history goes back to the 80’s of nineteenth century, when Policarpo Lago started working as artisan woodworker in noble villas and Venetian churches. After him the Lago company has been named. Generation after generation tradition was continued and as of now company produces furniture known and loved around Europe. Stores are found in Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin, london, Madrid, Barcelona and Prague. Their sanitary ware is sophisticated and breathtaking, definitely something that catches eye and cannot be walked by without a “wow”.  The company has “Interior
Life” philosophy which is in 11 points that outline company’s key elements. 6th point is empty because it is to be “furnished” as the company says by its individual experience and values, and the manifesto goes: 1Immediate and simple2 We design interiors for your interior life3 We believe in the atoms and bits of human relationships4 We have a compass—Head Heart Courage5 We plan the solid to breathe life into the void6 ____________________________7 Beauty lies in the vision of the whole8 The essentials, for enduring over time9 You are the design; we provide the alphabet10 Creativity comes when you do what you love11 Never stop.

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