KO+KO = Iceberg

Ukrainian designers go beyond expectations with their Iceberg sink.
KO+KO or Kozoliy&Komarov are Ukrainian company, located in Kiev, which has been present on the market since 2011. Designing for them is more than just stack of papers, it is a living organism, which is done only when a customer feels like in home. They are architects who do all kinds of design, from interior to furniture, plush graphics 3D interior and exterior visualization.Today we would like to present you their arctic bathroom sink, depicts the shape of an iceberg, it is probably one of the most
unique sinks you  have ever seen. It is literally stunning and brings sense of elegance and boldness to a bathroom.The pace of life quickens continuously thus demanding us to organize living space for rest and recovery. In those circumstances a special attention is given to bathroom, which allows a weary citizen to adjoin with element of water, to feel its purifying impact.As far as iceberg is a symbol of natural purity and charming calmness, concentration of inevitable source of life – water.

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