Hi-tech eco bathroom system

Recently Eco bathroom systems conquer hearts of nature lover. Will Jang Wooseok’s design be catch on in the bathroom world?
Following the ongoing trend for Eco bathroom system, designer Jang Wooseok invented Eco bath system. It is a system which aims to recycle water which has a dual water tank, which rolls down from a washbasin. The key is the 2 part composition, where the first part, a left tank, contains recycled water, and the second part, a right tank contains tap water. Overall it looks just like a regular sink, toilet composition with the exception that it has 2 levers and a single LED. The LED turns its color according to the amount of water in the left tank. When
the left tank is filled with recycled water, the LED turns green, signifying that a user may use the recycled water to flush the toilet. Once it is emptied the light turns to red, and stays red until the tank is filled again. In this case a user uses the other lever to flush the toilet.If you are keen on the eco products this sink definitely will do a great job. Moreover, it is an excellent space-saver. Therefore if you are looking for eco solution, innovation and space-saver you have the ideal product right in front of your eyes.   

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