Hand painted in the USA

Looking for something unique and particular - check out sinks painted by Lynne Sands.
Decoratedbathroom.com is a business led by Lynne Sands, graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. The company is located in Henderson, Nevada. She decorated all the products, that is sinks, toilets, tiles and bathroom accessories by hand! Sinks and toilets offered are made of ceramic decals which are very durable and have been used on china and plates since 1800’s. The offer contains wide array of design from Victorian style to the modern one.What Lynne says about
her passion and work at once:I am passionate about the products I create and my goal is to provide all my customers with a beautiful addition to their bathroom. I take great care to make sure that everything I make is a piece of art and as perfect as possible in every way. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in making the best choice for your decorated bathroom so please feel free to call or email me. Thanks for visiting decoratedbathroom.com - Lynne

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