Fall in love with Italian design.

”The man, in fact, is in the center of each project Edonè”
Edoné is the prestigious brand of Agora Group Ltd, based in Sacile, Pordenone. The company is part of the Furniture District -ASDI- in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, an area with one of the most important industrial concentrations in Italy in the field of wood and furniture.The main features of Edonè design are: modular design, the quality of products Made in Italy,  guarantee of artisan production, durability and respect for man and the environment.The company besides bathroom sinks specializes in other sanitary ware
products. The sophisticated types of design will meet expectations. The concept of the products is based on creative inspirations, continuous research of materials, finishes, colors and technology, helps to produce unique multi-sensory experiences applied in the products. If the words don’t convince you take a look at the pictures beneath or visit company’s website. The mantra: "... The man, in fact, is in the center of each project Edonè: he enters, he lives and chooses his own world and his way to feel good."

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