Ethereal Hole-Punched Basin

Say “WOW!” while taking a look at this unusual, yet functional sink.
Ethereal Hole-Punched Basin
If you are in the process of redecorating your whole house or only bathroom and are bored with usual, straight forward designs, you may invest in a bathroom sink that will definitely blow away not only your mind but everyone who sees it. At a first glance one may think that this sink looks quite normal, natural shape, natural size, but then one sees holes all throughout the surface. “How is anyone going to be able to wash his/her hands in it without making a huge mess?”    The sink was designed by Mac Stopa for DuPont
Corian. In reality what we see as “holes” are pieces of Chroma, a clear material. This material gives the sink an amazing appearance of a sinks with holes. Also the basin, thanks to materials from which it is made, is of a very good quality. The basin gives an impression that it is floating because  of a drain extending from the bottom of it.    If this still does not persuades you to take the hole-punched basin to consider have in mind that it won the Interior Design best of the year honoree award in 2013.

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