Eco friendly bathroom

What is going to be trendy and fashionable when it comes to bathroom in 2013? What to change, what accents to add? What will enhance your bathroom the most? New surprising colors and bathroom sinks.
Among recent years bathroom designer trends have changed completely! Designer with the help of innovation try to reduce harm upon ecosystem. During last few years this trend has become more and more popular and it seems that the year of 2013 will truly be the most organic and natural ever.

All bathroom projects now do contain fixtures and system that have low water usage properties, everything is being done to conserve the environment.

Wood in the bathroom besides being eco friendly is the sign of luxury and style. Organic base, natural color, lavish style will reign in the bathroom during 2013.

When it comes to colors, vibrant, lively detail do matter! Sinks in the color of hot red or indigo are coming into fashion. It is a solution for people who do have courage to make a small change and obtain big results!

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