Outstanding pebble sinks

Add some colour and uniqueness to your bathroom thanks to the pebble sink.
Every time you think that nothing more can make you say “wow!” when it comes to bathroom sinks. This time we want to present you very usual, yet breathtaking and practical sinks. They are of course sinks from Riverstone Pebble collection form Effepimarmi.  How are sinks with pebbles made? - thanks to riverstone - a material created out of pebbles either marble or natural stone, pebble are bound together within a transparent resin. Thanks to that the final outcome is incredible,
and at the same time it makes the sink surface very smooth and also, which is very practical, easy to clean. If you want to bring some nature-like look to your bathroom this sink will be perfect for you. Moreover, you can choose a colour of your choice. What is also good to know the company creates not only sinks which are “filled” with pebbles but you can also choose a matching floor covering or a bathtub. Such sink will definitely be eye-catching and one of a kind.

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