Amazing water system

A winner of a Liteon Award for water saving system- Frank Guo -presents its Divided Shower
Frank Guo thought of a solution to a problem of wasting water before actually taking shower. Many people do not realize how much water is wasted before we take a shower and water heats up to the proper temperature. As a matter of fact it is in the range between 4-6 liters! BRS - shower system which was designed in order to save water - is equipped with a transparent container to store cold water which would be used from the moment that a person turns on a shower.     What is also important the person can actually see in the container how much water would be wasted and realize that this problem really does
exist. The transparent container divides the shower into two sides, one side with shower and the other side with toilet and tap water. Stored water is used for bathroom sink usage (washing hands, face etc.) once the water in a container is finished, it changes to the normal water supply by itself.    How does it work? - The BRS system containes temperature sensor which lights up it 3 different colours according to the water temperature: blue is for cold water, yellow for warm water and red for hot water which facilitates the usage. In addition it is equipped with a switch to hand or head shower mode.

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