Bathroom for 2

Master bathroom with 2 sinks? Practicality and modernity in one!
A bathroom, especially master bathroom is usually used by 2 people. That’s why today’s trend says to make it suitable to both of the users. Therefore nervous waiting for his or her turn and risk of getting late to work disappears. In the morning bathroom sinks is the most needed sanitary ware in the bathroom, montage of 2 sinks close to each other will make using bathroom more pleasant and functional.
Each of 2 users will have their own private space and also a side to put cosmetics and useful things at hand. When it comes to size, color and type of the sinks it all depends on personal preferences of people or couples. It looks amazing and it's very practical. No more fighting among who goes first, no more unnecessary waste of time. If not convinced yet take a look at the photos below

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