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American Standard
American Standard products motto: Syle That Works Better, comprehends high quality, reliability, durability and stylish design.

Photos by American Standard
American Standard – how did it all begin ?

American Standard is the largest American company with an interesting history. The company had started in 1875 with the name Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, as the years have passed the company improved the production process, in stainless chrome bathrooms and faucets. Other important facts state that in 1929 the company became a world leader in bathroom plumbing, and in 1976 it adopted the name American Standard, under witch it stays until now.

Achievements after over 130 years of business.

The main headquarters is located in Piscataway in New Jersey, it also has international offices in Mexico, Canada and the Dominican Republic. American Standards manufactures most important categories of products including, kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets, bathroom furniture, toilets, bathroom fixtures and accessories. At present after 130 years of experience and working with costumers, the company uses the most modern and innovative solutions in production of sanitary ware.

Main goal - satisfaction - always met.

Each product meets unique demands of its costumers and partners around the world. Main qualities of all American Standard products are: high quality, reliability, durability and of course stylish design.

American Standard's selected bathroom sinks

Mezzo Semi-Countertop Sink
Sink is available in stores:
Prevoir 20" Round Semi-Recessed Bathroom Sink
Sink is available in stores:
Ravenna Wall-Mount Sink
Sink is available in stores:
Boulevard Pedestal Almond
Sink is available in stores:
Morning Above Counter Fawn Beige
Sink is available in stores: