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Designer Salamanca presents one of its most precious treasures
Time for novelty - time for lava stone
When it seem to you that all that could have been created, have been created, than the lava stone sink comes to light.
No Siphon no problem
Time for horizontal Integrated Siphon
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Welcome to BathroomSinks.biz
We offer wide range of online bathroom sinks, in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. We cooperate with Amazon in order to provide you with an ample choice of bathroom sinks from different manufacturers. We can boast of  the largest sink searcher available in the Web, also our website contains full range of info, reviews and advices related to sink usage and care. Our solid catalogue includes reliable sink guide for future sink shoppers, we want to assist you whether you are renovating whole bathroom or just want to get hand on style, or on the best deals offered.

Check our our Bathroom Sinks Guide.coming very very soon...
Once you've decide that you need to remodel your bathroom, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the sink as the center point it can enhance the overall appeal. You definitely know that nowadays simple white, round sink in not your only option!  It needs to be stylish and functional, and also needs to fit perfectly in your bathroom, think about how frequently the bathroom is used, and about overall appearance that you want to achieve.

Knowing how hard deciding may be we are here to help you. We have prepared a perfect bathroom sink guide that will take you through all necessary information that you should know and pay attention to when going sink shopping. First of all our guide includes detailed description of every bathroom sink material that is available. We offer tips on maintenance, explain what mounting types are available, and provide a short characterization of each. As well as you we care about the details, that is why in our guide you will find an article dedicated to sink facets, their types and finishes. 

Surely, once you familiarize yourself with all the categories prepared by us you will be ready to use our fantastic sink searcher!
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Mix and match with our magnificent Sink Searcher
What makes our site unique and definitely eye-catching is well-equipped magnificent sink searcher. First you pick your localization, and based on it the results are given, as for now United States, Canada and United Kingdom are available. Secondly you pick your options and than...  the magic begins! You can select your preferred mounting, manufacturer, material, style, color, faucet hole coordination and a price range. 

Instant results!
Mixing and matching can go on and on till you find exactly what you were looking for. Our searcher shows the results right away, you do not waste your time on waiting or reloading pages.
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Mix and match with our magnificent Sink Searcher

One more advantage is found when picking color, besides 12 primary colors, we have enriched our searcher with more definite sections, such as glass, marble, miscellaneous and sophisticated colors. Clicking on each you will receive specified names and shades, according to selected category. This option helps to smooth and optimize the search for those who have had already decided on it's shade.
One step away to Inspiration section
In today's world we can find almost everything that we want and need, designers help as fulfill our dreams. Bathroom sink are used on a daily basis not only by residents but also by guests, so if you would like to impress someone, or just have something unique for yourself, you may look through inspirations that we propose and think about getting a sink that will evoke a “wow” just when looking at it. 
That is why our proximate target is to create Inspirations section in which you as a sink searcher will have insight into best designers project. Each photo will be described, with of course, detailed characterization of the sink used. Our gallery will definitely inspire you, and give a clear idea of how you want your bathroom to look like.