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Bathroom for 2
Master bathroom with 2 sinks? Practicality and modernity in one!
Lago and its “Interior Life” philosophy
Fall in love with Lago and their products
Put a bucket in a bathroom!
Bathroom basin in a shape of a bucket, breaking the conventionality.

Featured sinks

Kohler's DemiLav Wading Pool sink have definitely been creatd in a contemporary style that stands out from traditional designs. It is enriched with delicately sloping lines and shallow basin depth that will create a focal point of your bathroom. DamiLav Wading Pool features no faucet holes,...
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Infinity Pool Sink by Eden Bath have been inspired by the infinity pools found at high end hotels and contemporary residences it is an amazing interpretation of fashion design. Infinity Pool Sink is a combination of two unique pieces, the sink base (can also be used by itself, as rectangular...
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For those who are not afraid to make a big stylish change Kraus offers Golden Pearl Rectangular Glass Vessel Sink. It is a stunning option for modern bathrooms, it features a bright gold color and has a beautiful metallic luster which is accentuated when light shines on it. Moreover it is...
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